Donor Stories

We thank all our legacy donors for their generous support.

"We support Planned Parenthood because it improves the quality of life for women and their children if they can choose how many children to have. Empowering women means a better life for everyone." — A.J. & J.P.

"As a woman who has happily chosen not to become a mother, I support every woman's right to plan the size of her family — as well as to exercise her prerogative to not have one! When I drew up a will with the help of a lawyer a few years ago, I was delighted to be able to support the causes and organizations that have been important to me during my lifetime. I included several bequests that I hope will help ensure their continued success. Naturally, Planned Parenthood is at the top of my list." — A.M.

"Too many people think of Planned Parenthood as "that abortion place," which is unfortunate because of all the health care services they provide to young women who could not otherwise afford it. As a former ski bum and a dude ranch wrangler out in Montana and Oregon in my younger days, working for less than minimum wage, Planned Parenthood was always there as an affordable option for me to get regular gynecological checkups and birth control in a responsible manner. More

"In my generation and my mother's, which included trailblazers like Amelia Earhart, women didn't have access to birth control and family planning information and services, including abortion. In order for women and girls to live up to their potential and have full participation in society, they must have reproductive freedom. This is why I support Planned Parenthood and have included the organization in my will." – A.M.

My commitment to Planned Parenthood grew out of a tragic event in my past. My childhood was spent in Spain, during Franco's brutal dictatorship. This was a society that did not support choice, where a woman's access to birth control was strictly forbidden, and abortion providers were punished with death. My childhood home included a beloved household staff member, Eulogia, a warm woman with a contagious smile. One day, Eulogia did not show up for work. Several days later, my devastated parents explained mysteriously that Eulogia had suddenly died. Over the years, I still remember how heartbroken I was and how difficult it was not to know why she died. More

“As a young woman, I supported Planned Parenthood because the organization was working to defend my right to become a parent when I was ready to take on that responsibility.  As a mother with two daughters, I supported Planned Parenthood because of the wonderfully personal yet highly professional healthcare my daughters received at a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago.  As an older woman, I continue to support Planned Parenthood because women’s reproductive rights are still threatened, and I want to ensure that my granddaughters will have access to the same rights, resources, and health care that I and my daughters have had.” — L.R.

“As best I can tell, my mother instilled in me an interest in and concern for Planned Parenthood without my being aware of this fact.  This 'undeveloped' concern arose clearly shortly after I got my Ph.D. and I moved to Connecticut for my first teaching position.  At that time, contraceptives were outlawed in Connecticut; gynecologists could not fit women for diaphragms, and drugstores could not sell them.  As a result, my wife and her friends were forced to drive to New York to obtain them.  Fortunately, there was a Planned Parenthood clinic just across the New York State border for Connecticut women.  As a result, I became aware of Planned Parenthood’s existence and importance in a very personal way.  My continued support for Planned Parenthood is based on its very good work in providing reproductive health care to women and providing safe sex education and family planning education for young people.  I shall continue to support Planned Parenthood both nationally and locally as best I can, as long as I live.” — W.B.

“Because no politician, insurance administrator, pharmacist, or even doctor should be dictating how a woman runs her life and manages her body… because teens, finding their way in a confusing world need factual information and trusted advisors… because health is more valuable than money and free will more valuable than power… because women have fought and died for rights that we too often take for granted… for all these reasons, I support Planned Parenthood now and in my estate.” — E.R.

"When I was a young woman, I could always count on Planned Parenthood to provide me with information and services in a confidential, professional manner.  As my daughter grew up, I made sure she knew of Planned Parenthood and the services they offer.  Now she volunteers at Planned Parenthood because she appreciates the way they inform women about all their viable options and work to educate young women effectively." — A.T.

“I support Planned Parenthood because I firmly believe that no one should ever have to bear an unwanted pregnancy, and no child should have to come into this world in the absence of a loving family to support it.” — M.J.

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