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Meet Our Lead Funders

Our visionary donors, Cecilia and Garrett Boone and Richard Rosenthal, provided the lead gifts to create the Bequest Challenge matching funds pool. This pool will trigger over $200 million in new and future bequest gifts for Planned Parenthood — yielding a transformative impact across the federation.

Cecilia & Garrett Boone

"Planned Parenthood and the work it does, both nationally and in Texas, is incredibly important to each of us, which is why we chose to help underwrite the Bequest Challenge. This gift allows us to support the vital current work of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and our local affiliate while providing both organizations with critical future resources. We hope it will inspire you to join the Bequest Challenge."

Richard Rosenthal

"I first became involved with Planned Parenthood and our local affiliate in Ohio through my late wife, Lois. I am proud to continue our commitment through my gift to sponsor the Bequest Challenge. I encourage other Planned Parenthood supporters to make their estate plans today — don't wait for legislators across the country to take away women's rights. The fight is now and winning it is so essential. The Bequest Challenge is a way every person can be part of it."

Deborah Simon

"I'm honored to support Planned Parenthood's Bequest Challenge Fund, and I hope my gift inspires others to include this organization in their estate plans. Planned Parenthood empowers millions each year to make informed decisions about their bodies. I believe that that freedom — of being in control of your body and your health, and being able to shape your own future — is the greatest gift we give to the people we serve. The Bequest Challenge pays that gift forward: By helping to secure the future of Planned Parenthood, it will help patients and communities secure their futures, too — for generations to come."

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